Saturday, November 27, 2010

ArtTraveler's mini-highschool reunion in Sedona uncovers treasure trove of art

In Jerry and Roxanne Foley's chapel: Art of peace.
In the last post, Roy Kochendorfer and I had stopped at Spring Creek  for gas and  a sampling of Arizona redneck reality.

Roy and I had reached half-way point to Sedona  and the Sacred Eagle estate in the red rock country where after 49 years we would party down with four other highschool guys matriculated from South St. Paul High School (Minnesota).

Jerry Foley (w/hint of me in his right lens)
We knew our host and fellow Class of '61 mate Jerry Foley had become the father of data based target marketing--worldwide--and sold his Chicago-based software company 20 years ago for big bucks.

Now Jer, who we once dubbed "class clown," greeted us looking like the Dali Lama (absolutley nothing like his yearbook foto) and with open arms along with his gracious wife Roxanne.

Jer, Roxanne and teenage daughter Sadie live on an 8-acre compound of two mansions, two guest homes, six garages, a sculpture park and an interdenominational chapel, big enough for a very intimate wedding. There's the obligatory pool but even this melts into the landscape as a glistening reflection of the national park bounding the property.

Roxanne Foley & Andrea Smith
Turns out Jer and Roxanne are devout art lovers; Jer is vice-president of Andrea Smith Gallery in Sedona. Smith is often known as a "world peace artist."

But because Jer is an art lover and because he's a multi-millionaire, objects of art became his objective when building this $12 million estate at 425 Sacred Eagle Lane outside Sedona in 1997.

Jerry and Roxanne Foley's Sacred Eagle estate chapel.
In all the polished sales literature advertising Jer and Roxanne's vast estate for sale, there are no pictures of their subtle, ecclectic chapel set slighly off the lane as you enter the estate. I share some fotos I shot while exploring this sanctuary.

Thanks to the ecumenical appointments of stained glass, sculptures, ceramics and objects of their affection, Jer and Roxanne's chapel stimulates silence and spiritual reflection, as does their entire estate.

Perhaps soon we can see some of Sacred Eagle's sculpture garden.

Rock on and practice peace and love; also, check out ArtTraveler's videos:

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