Saturday, March 12, 2011

Picasso Eros prints inspire artist's reflection on 'subconscious world'

by Spainish painter Juan Barjola

Juan Barjola

LinkedIn artist and Museum & Art Galleries group contributor, Deann De La Ronde, got turned on by Pablo Picasso’s Eros prints (see, ArtTraveler blog post, “Picasso’s eros prints tell story about his obsession with women and sex,” 8 March).

De La Ronde lives in Wassau, Wisconsin.

ArtTraveler shares her comments.

“This Rorschaching of the paint into images guided by the mind’s subconscious workings creates paintings that pull the viewer into a world they do not know.

“It confronts their sense of reality.”
By Deann De La Ronde

I feel compelled to comment about Picasso’s Eros prints which, by the way, I would love to be able to see ‘in the real!’

It is not surprising that Picasso would explore this vein for he is after all a man and what do men enjoy most in life? 

Is it a cup of coffee or enjoying their sexuality?

Since it is a very real and true part of us as human beings, it is only natural these sexual images find their way into the arts.

There are a number of artists out there today who give light to this vein of artistic expression.

Only recently have I begun to give voice to this which likes within after an artistic life of 61 years.

One of Deann De La Ronde's paintings
I am fascinated by the subconscious as it crawls out so unfettered, demanding to be seen! (Emphasis mine.)

Perhaps after so many years of portraying art ‘that sells,’ I am at a point where I am going to paint for ‘this life.’

This Rorschaching of the paint into images, guided by the mind’s subconscious workings, creates paintings that pull viewers into a world they do
not know.

It confronts their sense of reality.

I absolutely love it!

Some images are far from subtle and drip with sexuality. I know there are other artists out there who have kicked off the traces of what is proper.

I would love to hear others share thoughts along this line of expression, which you have laid the ground work for, Stefan.

I enjoy your posts. 
Goya witnessed extreme violence and recorded it.

Goya is one of my all time favorites with his social commentaries on war and injustices towards mankind.
Rock on and practice peace and love.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimmy Hendrix, paraphrasing William Gladstone (1809 – 1898), who said:

“We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power: Then will our world know the blessings of peace.”
Stefan, the ArtTraveler™

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  1. Artists are a different breed of lover. We see, feel, hear, speak and touch the world around us differently. I look forward to a time when love will conquer all, for that point we will all be artists.