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MZ Zomick at Europe´s Sziget Festival: "Full Moon Porta Potty"

"Purple Pulp at Sziget 2011" Photograph by Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)

We can count on New York artist/performance poet in Budapest Matthew Z. Zomick, MZ, to get a sense of what´s happening on the ground at Europe´s largest music happening, Sziget Festival in Hungary (, 8 - 15 August.

His laptop crashed. He hasn´t yet. These are a few of his visual and textual perceptions from gonzo artist MZ at Sziget, using his iPhone for images.

MZ Report 1

Day one
Yesterday was day zero
I'm not the one you want
I'm an anti-hero
An astro dog

Purple pulp: I´m burning backwards in front of the stage.

"Burning Backwards" Photograph by Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)

MZ Report 2

So here I am on a real computer at Sziget press/vip (very important prick/very insecure person).

Still not able to upload photos, but that might change later on today...if not they will be sent to you shortly.

Basically, Sziget rocks ´n rolls.

100,000´s come from all over and it is dirt cheap for them (half of Holland is here).

Ironically, the majority of common Magyars can´t afford to come. (Ed Note: Cost is 200 Euros per person.)

It´s oxymoronic really...I think that´s my new pseudonym, O. Moranik.

There´s tons of love and postive energy.

Yet, still the presence of ass-backward Hungarian attitude and infrastructure.

The worst in my opinion is...this year, they have a fenced in area from the train to the enterance of the festival.

If there was a fight or riot there would be a human stampede.

All of this less than six months ago when there were several deaths at a local nightclub because of of lack and lax security (just sayin').

And this morning, I saw a  young Frenchman named Grahm giving out free hugs. God bless his soul! 

Here comes a truck carrying Coca-Cola and driving down a road with dozens of festival goers goin' at least 10+km an he´s about 5 meters from the huggers, he slows but doesn't horn, no excuse me. 

No cursing, no nothing! Just coasts by the "huggers" and hits Grahm in the head with his mirror.

Anyway, I´m about to get showered and lathered  by a hot AXE promotional model. See iPhone image attached.

Sziget AXE model lathers down festival goer. Photograph by Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)
a poem by 
 Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)

tired and energetic
full of pedantic knowledge
frenetic and oxymoronic
deprived from sleep
my soul´s safe
mine to keep
one love

AXE Models at Sziget Festival 2011 Photograph by Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)
MZ, his laptop ailing and thus limited to his iPhone, shares his photograph and poem, both titled: "Full Moon Porta Potty."

"Full Moon Porta Pötty"
a poem by
Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)

Judas the priest screams
Thousands dedicate and deficate
The moon shines
Music playin´ loud
Chemicals and brothers
Heavy metal riffs
Some sip on Drehers
Others burn spliffs

"Full Moon Porta Potty" Photograph by Matthew Z. Zomick (2011)

Note: Images by MZ taken with iPhone since laptop crashed landed before Sziget. More and better MZ event images coming later.

Rock on and practice peace and love.
Stefan, the ArtTraveler ™

ArtTraveler notes:

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"Spanish life stilled," photograph by Stefan van Drake (2009)

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