Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zeno Kelemen takes us into a fourth dimension with his "Rounded Loop"

"Rounded Loop" by Zeno Kelemen at Art on Lake Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)

While Mimmo Roselli´s obsessed with straight lines and space, Zeno Kelemen takes viewers into the fourth dimension with his geometric curves of “Rounded Loop.”

Kelemen and Roselli are among 25 European Union contemporary sculptors exhibiting at Art on Lake in central Budapest, sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

It opened 22 May and closes 4 September.

Only age 17 at the time of “political change” in Hungary (1989), Kelemen really never grasped Socialist realism.

“He is inspired by the sophisticated structures of interwoven Mobius strips, wave patterns and twisted curves,” wrote Peter Fitz, co-curator of Art on Lake and editor of the show´s catalogue released earlier this month.

“He builds an open shape inside a truly enclosed structure, generating a new sculptural reality that does not equate with physical reality.”

Peter Fitz Photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

Fitz and other Hungarian contemporary art experts opine that Kelemen represents the spirit of 1920 constructivism. 

“He takes a wave, locked by its own rules inside an infinitely repeating pattern, and transforms it into something else, creating a pulsating and independent system out of it that never existed before,” wrote Fitz, considered the leading expert on Hungarian contemporary art.

“The sculptures are emphatically open, typified by momentum and airiness, playing with the balance of mass,” added Fitz in Art on Lake´s catalogue.

Kelemen designed “Rounded Loop” especially for Art on Lake

It, like one of its similar predecessors, “Doomed Loop,” was supposed to have 250 randomly planted LED lights in the piece for night viewing.

That did not happen, Fitz said in a phone interview today.

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