Saturday, January 15, 2011

ArtTraveler joins fiesta of San Anton in Canillas de Albaida for protection of animals

Tethered mule atop Moorish ruins of Bentomitz.
Every year on this weekend in January, people from my village, Canillias de Albaida, celebrate and showcase the Catholic saint whose job it is to protect animals, San Anton.

The statue of San Anton resides quietly and secreted away inside the small 16th Century chapel by the same name, just below the village except during this fiesta.

And each year, San Anton is moved from the chapel to the church on the main square.

After a formal veneration of the saint during a church service, San Anton is led throughout the village in a procession.

Later, a priest will bless the animals with Holy Water in time-worn traditions that continue to breathe life into this village.

A typical scene: Man, mule and dog.
More to come on this weekend's reprise of this religious fiesta.

Rock on and practice peace and love.

You can see the ArtTraveler videos on YouTube and check in with Dutch walkers on their Via de la Plata pilgramage  at Via de Plata.

Update: Posted new videos of San Anton fiesta on 15 and 16 January. See them on YouTube.

Stefan, the ArtTraveler(TM).

Andalusian horses are prized and decorated for the fiesta of San Anton in Canillias de Albaida.

A couple of dogs chilling out along the ancient goat trial from Canillas to Competa.

The statue of San Anton is paraded through the village during the celebration protecting animals.

All images by Stefan van Drake.

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