Sunday, January 23, 2011

ArtTraveler digests recent happenings affecting Spanish artists

Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" reports that the sale of 1,269 Picassos in 2010 led auction sales for the year at about $405.7 million. His Nude, Green Leaves and Bust grossed $106.5 million. Andy Warhol slid into second place at $355.7 million.

The Spanish Embassy in Ghana sponsors its first plastic arts workshop 24 - 29 January; one of the participants will win an all expenses paid trip to the ARCO Madrid art fair in February. Romulo Celdran, Spanish painter, will supervise sessions.

A Spanish art history professor disputes claims that Ecce Homo, a polychrome wood sculpture, is by El Greco of Toledo, Spain. Fernando Marias Franco of the Autonomous University of Madrid ("La Autonoma") disputes other experts, who attribute the carving to El Greco.

Ecce Homo is part of the annual Dutch art fair TEFAF held from 18 - 27 March in Maastricht. It's going on sale for an estimated 6 million Euros as experts continue disputing its origin.

The Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca, Sastilla-La Mancha, offers some of the best of modern Spanish artists located in a series of 15th Century homes overlooking the Huecar Gorge.

Spanish artist Julio Lafuente has installed a sculpture of 72 circular marble spheres--waning and waxing moons--in a lagoon separating traffic along Jeddah's Corniche.

Maximo Riera has created a limited edition series of functional chairs: "The Animal Chair," all anatomically correct.

Spanish artist Oriol Fernandez Tur sorted the 540 iPhone apps on his phone so that each page reflects a letter.

Comic book artist Salvador Larroca at age 46 continues advancing his career with Marvel.

Starting 23 January, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (The Clark) in Williamstown, Mass. opens an exhibition of old masters portraits from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, England and France.

The exhibition, "New Resolutions" continues through 31 January at Dibleys La Cala in Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain.

Rock on and practice peace and love.

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