Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Swedish Vedic Art painter Philippine von Krusenstierna opens two-month show at Cerezo's Gallery on 19 January in Canillas de Albaida, Spain

"Blue Nude" by Philippa, acrylice on canvas, 65 X 81 cm 2010
Swedish Vedic Art painter and sculptor Philippine von Krusenstierna opens her solo exhibition at Cerezo's Gallery in Canillas de Albaida tomorrow, 19 January.

Her show continues until 19 March.

Canillas, a small mountain village about 15 kms above Torre del Mar, Andalusia, is where Philippa, since 1999 a devotee of Vedic Art, prolifically produces her acrylic on canvas abstract paintings.

Vedic Art draws on Hindu Vedas, mantras, meditation, inner stirrings of sorts but applies 17 principles, all tied to the Vedas.

Vedict Art techniques energize, help you warm up, inspire inner focusing and visualizing, like a heart pumping more blood through your body, ignites your creative impulses, Philippa explained.

The founder of Vedic Art, Curt Kallman, also a Swede who studied traditional art in Europe and  then, breaking from tradition by applying Hindu Vedas, died about a month ago.

But his legacy lives on, Philippa said. Vedic Art is spreading through Scandinavia, Europe and Australia.                      

Philippa describes her creative process on YouTube.

"Sometimes I do it without thinking, it sort of comes," Philippa says. She starts with a ground, adds texture and then paints intensely, intuitively. After she's well into the work, she begins to see structure and form and moves in whatever direction that takes her until she pronounces the work finished.

To temper her spontaneity in painting, she also sculpts in alabaster, clay and whatever strikes her fancy.

But sculpting in alabaster as a student at the Moira Schepel Art Studio in Competa provides a much more thoughtful adventure. "I am used to changing paintings or clay figures but with stone, once it's gone, it's gone. It takes a long time but it is a very thoughtful experience."

Once a year, Philippa joins other Vedic Art  painters in Sweden for a couple of weeks. She says it's an amazing energy with 25 painters in one large room, all painting, no talking, just pure creative energy.

How does Vedic Art help her in every day life? "Sometimes it helps finding completness in daily life."

"Guardian," acrylic on canvas, 73 X 89 cm. 2010

"Janus," net on steel stand: 185 cm high
Philippa von Krusentierna with work in progress.

From left: "The Hole" - "Turtle" and "Faces"

"Studies", watercolour, 35 X 25 cm, 1993, when Philippa worked as a graphic artist.

Rock on and practice peace and love. (See ArtTraveler videos on YouTube.) And don't forget to check in on Dutch walkers Joost and Rob on their Day 7 as they walk from Seville to Santiago de Compostela (Via de la Plata).

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