Monday, May 23, 2011

Exclusive photos of Budapest´s Art on Lake sculpture show´s opening

"Floating Gardens, Private Islands," by Ilona Németh (2011)

The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday, 22 May splashed down with its world premiere marine sculpture garden summer-long show, Art on Lake 2011.

The museum and its curators for Art on Lake--Krisztina Jerger, Dr. Alexander Tolnay and Peter Fitz--have provided ArtTraveler with exclusive photographs  of the contemporary sculpture show´s opening, which we share with you.

The exhibit, four years in the making, brings together 25 conceptual and performing artists from 16 European Union countries, for the first time presenting a curated show of sculptural works in 35,000 square meters of water half a meter deep.

Art on Lake commemorates Hungary´s six-month presidency of the EU, inviting some of Europe´s best avant-garde conceptual artists to take the plunge, constructing works designed for Budapest´s City Park Boating Lake.

Untitled by Kristoff Kintera

The open-air sculpture art exhibition displays works by Belgian, Czech, Finnish, French, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian, Austrian, Romanian, Spanish and Hungarian artists “that no single museum in the world could put on,” said curator Fitz, one of three curators of the project, during a recent phone interview.

Artists include:  

Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland); Heather Allen (UK but lives in Berlin); Krzysztof M. Bednarski (Poland); Josef Bernhardt (Austria); Erik Binder (Slovakia); Jirí David (Czech Republic); 

El-Hassan Rósa (Hungary); Zénó Kelemen (Hungary); Kicsiny Balázs (Hungary); Kristof Kintera (Czech Republic); Daniel Knorr (Romania, works in Berlin); Lauren Kolks (Netherlands); Brigitte Kowanz (Austria); Via Lewandowsky (Germany); 

Tea Makipaa (Finland, works in Germany); Ilona Németh (Slovakia); Pán Márta (Hungary—1923 – 2008); Jaume Plensa (Spain); Ann and Patrick Poirier (France); Gert Robijns (Belgium); Mimmo Roselli (Italy); Paul Segers (Netherlands); Susana Solano (Spain); Gunther Uecker (Germany), and Willi Weiner (Germany).

"Mobius" by Zénó Kelemen

"Atlantis" by Tea Makipaa

Untitled by Ann and Patrick Poirier

"Waiting for Birds" by Josef Bernhardt
Taking a Sunday boating tour with one of Poirier´s works in background

"Swimming Statue" by Gunther Uecker
Conceptual artist Róza El-Hassan and one of her works
"Atlantis" by Tea Makipaa

"Light is What We See," by Brigitte Kowanz
"Late Departure/Early Arrival" by Kicsiny Balázs
Part of the opening crowd for Art on Lake 2011 in Budapest

"Waiting" by Erik Binder

Note: Special thanks for the kind and prompt cooperation from Erika Schneider, who handles PR for Art on Lake; Edina Deme of the education department of the Museum of Fine Art Budapest; show organizer Katalin Bodó, who connected me to the right people like Peter Fitz, whose interview was crucial to understanding the big picture of Art on Lake.

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"Miroma´s Majesty," photograph by Stefan van Drake (2008)

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  1. Wonderful and inspiring art that truly spoke with me about what art can also be. It really is inspiring and conceptual.