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Emerging artist Emese Albrecht: a treasure trove of contemporary talent

Design studies by Emese Albrecht Image courtesy of the artist

“I am attracted to the surreal world, to children´s stories and motivated by subjects of life and death.” --Emese Albrecht (June 2011, Szentendre, Hungary)

Emese Albrecht´s ModArt first prize fashion design that showed in Paris in 2010 Image courtesy of the artist

Emese (Em-eh-shay) Albrecht (b. 1986) appears as self-effacingly humble as she is multi-talented, one of Hungary´s hottest fashion designers.

As well, she emerges as a multi-skilled contemporary artist: drawing, acrylic painting, performance, fashion installations, photography, collage, montage, textile and graphics.

Her new fashion design reputation brought me to the Folt Café in Szentendre, 20 kilometers north of Budapest.

A garment by Emese Albrecht Image courtesy of the artist

The town of 24,000 with about 500 working, independent artists is a century-old incubator of some of Hungary´s most famous avant-garde and contemporary artists.

Albrecht´s foray into fashion competition started in October 2009.

Design sketches, study by Emese Albrecht Image courtesy of the artist

She designed and created a single garment that could be worn either as a jacket or dress.

She competed in three rounds of ModArt of Budapest´s juried national competition with 15 other finalists, creating works inspired by one-word: “Illusion.”

Fashion designed by Emese Albrecht Image courtesy of the artist

This theme seemed a natural for Albrecht, who said she loves the surreal.

She recycled used men´s clothes into a woman´s garment that can be worn as a dress or a jacket.

On 26 January, the jury awarded Albrecht first place.

Design and image by Emese Albrecht, courtesy of the artist

She won a week´s intense study at the Academy of Arts Visart, Paris in February.

“Emese Albrecht in the second round presented her drawings and exciting ideas, which attracted the attention of the jury, creating expectations for the showing of her garment in the third round,” wrote ModÁrt Budapest director Szilvia Horvath.

Conceptual design by Emese Albrecht Image courtesy of the artist

What did Albrecht learn in Paris?

“I gained lots of inspiration, learned many new techniques and became more acquainted with the Paris fashion industry,” she said.

Albrecht said she likes fashion installation even more than designing wearable clothes.

A fashion happening at the Folt Cafe in Szentendre Image courtesy of the artist

Emese Albrecht´s recent designs at one of the Folt´s fashion shows Image courtesy of the artist

In fashion, you can go many different directions, she added, wearable versus non-wearable. “But more and more, I wanted to step outside these dimensions, more into graphics and installations.”

She started drawing and painting when she was age 15.

Albrecht was educated at Budapest´s Contemporary Art & Design School (Krea Kortavs Muveseti Iskola).

About five years ago, she joined with five Szentendre artists to work as a design collective. 

Now, she said, there are about 20 people of various disciplines in the contemporary art collective, Forgacs Group in Szentendre.

The Forgacs Group launches monthly fashion and art shows at the Folt.

In future posts, I will share portfolio images of Albrecht´s works in fashion installation and performance, graphics and textile art.

Emese Albrecht Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)

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