Friday, November 4, 2011

Malaga CAC hosts Monica Bonvicini´s first solo show in Spain--'Satisfy Me'

"Satisfy Me" by Monica Bonvicini (2010) Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)
There´s nothing better than experiencing art in the flesh.

Monica Bonvicini (b. 1965 Venice) in her first solo show in Spain—Satisfy Me—provides not only a 3D visual journey but also one seething with sensuality.

The CACMALAGA (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga) hosts her conceptual work she defines as, “A Black Hole of Needs, Hopes and Ambitions.”

It opened 9 September and closes 13 November. Admission is free.

Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)
In its ownTate-like space, Bonvicini´s large scale installation (350 x 1750 x350) Satisfy Me also offered a tactile adventure, from touching the edges of her aluminum letters to even gripping the scaffolding, which seems to fold into the work.

Depending where you stand, you cannot escape reflections.

"I´m Satisfied" self-portrait by Stefan van Drake (2011) at "Satisfy Me" by Monica Bonvicini
Your mind spirits away along her mammoth “S” if standing to the left of the installation whose perspective narrows.

Stand in front of it, you see yourself, a blurred and fragmented figure, a “Black Hole of Needs, Hope and Ambitions.”

"Satisfy Me" by Monica Bonvicini at CAC Malaga Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)
“I like works with no tricks, no mystery, no fakery, no mythology, no sublimation,” Bonvicini is quoted as saying in CAC´s printed description of the artist and her works.

Satisfy Me, circa 2010, first appeared in the German town of Herne in the Ruhr atop a grassy knoll over an old landfill in an industrial zone, facing the sun, alone, one of her conceptual, textual beacons.

I invite you to share Satisfy Me through these ArtTraveler images shot on 3 November in Malaga.

"Satisfy Me" by Monica Bonvicini at CAC Malaga Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)
Rock on and practice peace and love.
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