Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UFO lands at Perth marina during outdoor aboriginal art-stargate show

"The Alien" contemporary aboriginal art from Andrew Noble´s private collection

“We waited for the wind to drop off, and then mounted our alien landing multi-media display while the Didgeridoo players set up to play directly under the Orgone Pyramid. The earth spoke back up through the Didgi and the star gate opened for the craft to descend.”—Andrew Noble, Perth, Australia

Watch UFO land at Aussie art show:

1 Star Gate 1 invoked the heavens and stars to shine brightly upon its contemporary aboriginal outside art exhibit on 28 and 29 October at Perth´s marina.

Perth businessman and aboriginal art collector Andrew Noble hatched the idea for this spaced out show, more a happening of galactic dimensions.

“Could the Wandjina have had some influence over me and moved me to carry out the event? If you ever get to meet the strange beings that have no mouths with which to talk, you can ask them,” Noble told me this week.

Andrew Noble´s Orgone Pyramid he built for 1Star Gate1 at Perth, Australia Photograph by Juan Vazquez (2011)
Noble´s partner in Noble & Associates, Juan Vazquez, did most the heavy lifting and coordinating, Noble said.

Did UFO´s show up as planned to commemorate not only the show but the unusual grouping of Venus, Mercury and the moon in the night Western Australia sky?

At least one did appear and land right on cue, as Noble described earlier in this post.

“The entire event was an unforgettable experience with a mix of emotions plus visual and auditory stimuli as well as a lot of sun and outdoor elements [think wind],” added Noble.

1Star Gate 1 contemporary aboriginal art show
Noble and Vazquez—professional accountants and business planners—carefully executed this art happening.

“Five of us sweated as we dragged the display boxes into place with the paintings in them,” Noble said.

The wind prevented their creating the semi-circle installation around the large compass where the Orgone Pyramid stood and where later, a virtual UFO would abruptly drop to earth.

Noble bolted the installations together so they would withstand the wind.

1Star Gate 1 Photograph by Juan Vazquez (2011)

“Next time I will take the display deep into the desert where the wind does not blow for another attempt at opening a star gate,” he said.

The 1Star Gate 1 display of contemporary aboriginal art Photograph by Juan Vazquez (2011)

Rock on and practice peace and love.
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