Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15 Cuban artists pierce the veil of Cuban racism in "Queloides" show at the Mattress Factory Art Museum

"Abu Ghrib" by Fernando Botelo

Shunned by Cuban authorities, 15 Cuban artists re-launched "Queloides", an exhibition piercing the veil of racism against blacks in Cuba, continues until 27 February at the Mattress Factory Art Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

Exhibitors include Cuban artists: Manuel Arenas, Juan Roberto Diego, Meira Marrero & Jose Toirac, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Elio Rodriquez, Belkis Ayon, Alexis Esquivel, Rene Pena, Maria Magdalena Campos-PonsArmando Marino, Pedro Alvarez and Douglas Perez.

Sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, "Queloides"caught the attention of Alejandro de la Fuente, a Cuban history professor at the Pennsylvania university. Pittsburgh, home to many Hispanics, focuses on a theme official Cuba would prefer ignoring: racism.

In the 1997 and 1999, two Havana exhibitions--the original "Queloides"-- sought to showcase the problem. But little if any news of the show emerged in Havana.

Cuban art critic Ariel Ribeaux Diego curated both. "Queloides" Hfavana shows and said the title means keloids, an injury producing permanent scarring.

Mills International Center at the University of Oregon (Eugene, Ore.) continues its "American Voices Winter Art Show" through 18 March. It opened 28 January feasturing works of Roberto Arroyo, Hampton Rodriguez, Alejandro Ceballos and Sarah Brothers.

Colombian artist Fernando Botero readies his works portraying Jesus Christ for a New York exhibition, as reported by Spanish news agency EFE. Born in Medellin, Botero worked five months on one painting, "Via Crucis." About 30 of his works will be on show in November at a venue yet to be announced.

A second bilingual (Spanish/English) book has been released extending the dialogue between Argentine-born artist Tomas Maldonada and writer/art historian Maria Amalia Garcia. The 136-page book is published by jthe Fundacion Cisneros/Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros.  Maldonada is also a known theorist and industrial designer.

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