Monday, February 7, 2011

Sculptor Yvonne Domenge first Mexican to exhibit at Millennium Park

Sculpture, 266 cm x 200, Yvonne Domenge
Sculpture, 200 cm x 130, Yvonne Domenge

Starting 6 April at Millennium Park, Chicago, Mexican contemporary plastics sculptor Yvonne Domenge exhibits four huge works. The show runs to October.

She's the first Mexican artist to be invited by  Millennium Park, according to Hispanically Speaking News on 4 Feb.

Domenge was born 1946 in Mexico City and has exhibited  in Mexico, the United States, Europe, China and Canada.

In other happenings:

LA painter Carolyn Castano plans exhibiting a series of paintings of Mexican and Colombian drug cartel wives and mistresses. She calls her new project: "Narco novias" and "munecas de la mafia."

Spanish artist Fernando Vicente has a profoundly anatomical sense of humour and perspective, especially in his new Vanitas collection.

Latin American Arts Festival, Sam Houston State University: 21 Feb. - 26. In addition to exhibiting Latin American artists, the festival, 7 years in the making, features professionals from academia, publishing, art, dance and music.

One of the happenings will be Wednesday's improv "Creacion del Alma" or "Creation of the Soul," a concert incorporating percussionists, granite sculptures, dancers and artists creating during the performance: the full Monty of multi-focal art marketing?

Boundaries: Selections from the MOLAA Permanent Collection: through 3 July. Thirteen contemporary artists featured, including: Chilean artist Roberto Sebastian Matta, who died in 2002; Mexican video installation artist Gabriel de la Mora.

Spanish artist Javier Gonzalez Pacheco's works break all colour barriers on I really like his "Beautiful Sandman."

Rock on and practice peace and love.

See ArtTraveler videos on YouTube; follow the 1,000 kilometer Via de la Plata pilgramage of Dutch walkers Rob and Joost on day 27 and see fotos of Salamanca.

Stefan, the ArtTraveler(TM).

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