Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Russian avant garde and Arab art and artifacts exhibits hosted in Barcelona

Three paintings by Liubov Popova

From "Roads to Arabia"
The Holy Koran, textile art on display at CaixaForum, Barcelona
"Roads to Arabia" ending 20 Feb. at CaxiaForum in Barcelona: This traveling exhibit, which the Lourve hosted last year, joins two other temporary shows at CaixiForum in Barcelona. This one displays an array of art and architectural artifacts describing growth of the Arabian penninsula.
"Building the Revolution: Russian Art and Architecture 1915 - 1935": Continuing at CaixaForum until 17 April, this exhibition focuses on Russian avant garde visual artists who, at the inception of the new Soviet state, heaped their talents on the Communist cause, especially in the 1920's and 1930's. 

Photographer Richard Pare's 15 years' work showing large format images of architecture is showcased along with 250 drawings and paintings by Liubov Popova, Vladimir Tatlin, Kazimir Malevich, El Lissidtzky and Gustav Klucis
Much of works come from the Costakis Collection of the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki and the State Museum of Architecture in Moscow Schusev.
"Human, All Too Human:" ends 20 February, featuring Spanish art of the 1950's and 1960's. 
The show probes Spanish artists' works inspired by Friedrich Nietche's book of the same title. Artists include: Antonio Saura, Manuel Millares, Antoni Clave', Jose' Guerrero and Equipo Cronica. Dali and Picasso and Tapies spice up the show along with Joaquim Jorda, Juan Antonio Nieves Conde and Frederic Roussif.
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