Monday, February 21, 2011

44 years later, "Che" image Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick wants royalties for familes of Guevara and Alberto Korda

Che Guevara by Jim Fitzpatrick
No more Mr. Nice Guy, says Irish artist and illustrator Jim Fitzpatrick.

Content to allow public domain use for 44 years, Fitzpatrick, age 65, himself a revolutionary of sorts and who met Ernesto "Che" Guevara, now wants copyright protection and royalties.

But not for himself.

He reports he is fed up with crass commercializing of his iconic image of the Cuban revolutionary hero with lucrative "royalties" dispersing into other people's pockets with each passing Che-embossed cup of coffee or T-shirt.

Fitzpatrick instead wants Che's relatives and those of Castro's former photographer, Alberto Korda, who in 1960 took the photo from which the artist conceived his poster, to each family netting half of any future royalties.

By now, he has filed his application to register the copyright and later this year, he plans to visit Guevara's and Korda's relatives in Cuba and transfer its ownership to the two families.

Two of Che's daughters applaud the move, not only for potential revenues, but because Che's family wants to control who and how the image is used.

There's another Guevara taking on poster notariety.

Che's activist DNA continues in his granddaughter, Lydia Guevara, age 26, who has joined a PETA poster campaign (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

She's pictured wearing amunition belts holding carrots instead of bullets, according to Digital Journal.

It's part of PETA's South American animal rights campaign.
Lydia Guevara posing for PETA poster

Rock on and practice peace and love.

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  1. Good story, thanks for posting.

    I never knew who had created the original work. Nice to find out it was another artist from Ireland.

    BTW: Do you ever host painting workshops at your place?

    Seamus Berkeley

  2. Power to your elbow Jim,go get them, my work has been abused for years, seems no one cares. ( Jim Fitzpatrick) is an Irish artist famous for Irish Celtic Art. Perhaps his most famous piece is his iconic two-tone portrait of Che Guevara created in 1968 and based on a photo by Alberto Korda.[1]