Wednesday, February 23, 2011

21c Museum in Kentucky (USA) on 26 Feb. opens "Cuba Now" retrospective

North America's first fine arts museum showcasing only 21st Century fine art, aptly named 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, (21c Museum) on 26 Feb. opens a group retrospective of more than 80 Cuban works in Louisville, Ky., some from artists banned in Cuba.

When I think of Kentucky, I envison vast manicured green fields with race horses milling about, the red-neck and conservative folk in their small close-knit towns or Lexington's immense graveyard of American Civil War dead.

That's a decade ago for me, traveling through this beautiful state.

How times have changed.

Now, when I think of Kentucky, I think of Cage the Elephant, a quasi-punk rock group of guys from Kentucky, who last year issued their first release of the same name and with whom I partied in Amsterdam two years ago.

21c Museum opened in 2006, (a 9,000 square-feet venue); "Cuba Now" runs through July.

Paintings, sculpture and photographs, a few on loan from the artists, others drawn from museums and private collections, will showcase these artists: Jose Toirac, Angel Delgado, Douglas Perez, Los Carpinteros, Juan Roberto Diago, Yoan Capote and Tania Buguera.
A work by Cuban artist Angel Delgado.

21c Museum director William Morrow said he hoped this exhibition would widen Cuban contemporary art perspective.

In another Cuban exhibition--"Cuba on My Mind"--opens 12 March  in Naples, Fl. and runs through July at the von Liebig.

The von Liebig Art Center features more than 30 works by Cuban artists living in the U.S. and in Cuba.

After von Liebig's director, Jack O'Brien, undertook an arts crawl in Cuba last summer. He visited artists in their studios and later dispatched invitations for this show.

Third-generation painter Eduardo Miguel Abela Torras from Old Havana will be at the inaugural reception along with Eduardo Roca Salazar, aka Choco.
Ecosystem by Douglas Perez.

Jose Andres Matos Alonso, a Cuban writer and intellectual, will participate.

Dr. Carol Damian, curator for the Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University,  co-curated the exhibition.

Rock on and practice peace and love.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimmy Hendrix

Stefan, the ArtTraveler(TM).

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