Thursday, May 5, 2011

London´s Pure Evil Gallery hosts reunion of Isaac Cordal´s little people

Isaac Cordal, "Cement Eclipses"

Isaac Cordal, “Cement Eclipses,” Pure Evil Gallery, London: 26 May – 29.

The Spanish artist´s three-day show helps launch his first art book by the same name, “Cement Eclipses,” published this month by
I call his works, absurdities of scale, his 17 cm-high sculpted figures posed and perched in everyday life, creating “Cement Eclipses.”

Isaac Cordal, "Cement Eclipses"
The limited edition, full-color art book is his first to include all of his images under one hard cover.

Ernesto Oroza´s installation, "Archetype Vizcaya,", Contemporary Arts Project, through 29 May, Vizcayna Museum & Gardens, Miami,Fl.

Felix de la Concha
Spanish painter Felix de la Concha, guest lecturer in social practice and design at the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, in April conducted a seminar and show about his recording lives of artists and their views on art.

He splits his time between Madrid and Iowa City, where his wife and artistic collaborator and poet, Ann Merino, teaches at the UI department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Concept artist Carlos Rodriguez-Méndez, “Agua Caliente/Hot Water,” “Kunst Nu room at the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, S.M.A.K., Ghent, Belgium: 26 March - 6 June.

His work comprises 39 white PVC tubes, each 35 meters long, which are stuffed into the room.

Here´s the fun part—each tube is filled with 35 liters of vegetable oil, and according to an official news release, in the course of the show, the oil will begin to leak out.

Jorge Aguilar-Agon, “Windows to the World,” opened a retrospective exhibition at Bal Al Baranda, Oman on 11 April.
"Galacia" by Jorge Aguilar-Agon

The show, his solo exhibit No. 178, commemorates the artist´s 55 years as a professional painter. He is age 75. 

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