Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Netherland´s contemporary art high: 27th Art Amsterdam, 11 - 15 May

Pascal Rousson

"Studio View," by Pascal Rousson

Art Amsterdam, 27th edition of Holland´s largest contemporary art fair: 11to15 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It would be hard to add more color and energy to Amsterdam.

But the art high of highs, Art Amsterdam 2011, kicks off for a five-day fest on Wednesday, 11 May in the high-energy city.

Art Amsterdam organizers reported113 international galleries field their stables of new and emerging talent.

“Without art, Amsterdam wouldn´t be Amsterdam. Art is deeply rooted in the city,” said Art Amsterdam director Edo Dijksterhuis.

New this year: “No Holds Barred” exhibit, a contemporary art free-for-all of sorts with only one rule.

Only criteria are the work must fit within a 25 square-meter space.

A panel of judges selected 12 major works from 79 submissions: sculpture, painting, photography, installation, performance, film, and video.

The judges: Albert Groot, Christine Rekade and Nicolai Strom-Olsen--collector, curator and critic, respectively.

Winners include Pascal Rousson of Vegas Gallery, UK, Tinkebell of TORCH in the Netherlands, and Henriette Pederson from GalleryMaria Veie in Oslo, Norway.
A new cyber twist: This year´s show will also be the first world art fair to present physical and online presence, according to the fair´s news release. 

Working with in New York, more than 70 exhibitors will showcase and may sell works online.

Rock on and practice peace and love.
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"This Way Out" Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2009)

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