Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aussie 1Star Gate1 features aboriginal art and two UFO fly-overs in Perth

"Alien" from Andrew Noble private collection of aboriginal contemporary art

“This is an exploration into time and space, particularly in relation to the geometry of art.” –Andrew Noble, aboriginal art collector, Perth, Australia

If accountant and biz consultant Andrew Noble (Noble & Associates) develops business plans like he sets sail to out-there art exhibitions, his clients must be wowed.

It is the WOW factor we´re talking about: How many outdoor art shows guarantee a UFO fly-over two nights in a row?

1Star Gate1aims to combine ancient aboriginal symbolism in contemporary art with visual symbols and patterns that play on the subconscious mind, Noble told ArtTraveler about his Australian Shaman exhibition that runs 28 - 30 October.

Noble, a collector of aboriginal contemporary art, burrows into the aboriginal “knowledge of core universal archetypes, glyphs and patterns that resonate with sacred geometry and generate a ‘star gate effect,’” he said.

"Star Gate" from Andrew Noble private collection of aboriginal contemporary art

This experiment also seeks raising awareness of uranium mining and United States military bases on Australian soil, something Noble abhors, since this area is home for thousands of years to the indigenous people.

The Australian Shaman exhibition, also called 1Star Gate 1, features large outdoor displays: seven steel and glass enclosures, each 2.5 meters high; a large circular area of 80 meters that includes a simulated UFO landing, and a four-meter high pyramid, a replica of the Wilhelm Reich ‘cloud buster’ pyramid structure that Noble said “highlights the link between uranium mining and the strange concentric circles in the desert near Alice Springs.”

"Matrix" from Andrew Noble private collection of aboriginal contemporary art

Noble and one of his associates, Juan Vazquez from near Malaga, Spain, joined efforts to launch this mission into inner and outer space.
What is crucial with this first venture into the world of aboriginal-geometric-star gate art is the date of the happening.

Noble ties the happening to the end of the Mayan Calendar, 28 October. He described some cosmic clock works dictating exactitude to all this, which permits 1Star Gate1 to “welcome in the new age.”

"Reptilian I" from Andrew Noble private collection of aboriginal contemporary art

Psycho geometry meets psycho geography?

Vazquez told me: “There will be a UFO in the skies above the marina on Friday and Saturday evenings.”

There´s still time to catch a plane to Perth.

"Reptilian II" Andrew Noble private collection of aboriginal art
Andrew Nobles promotes aboriginal show with UFO fly-overs

Rock on and practice peace and love.
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"Spanish life stilled," photograph by Stefan van Drake (2009)

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