Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kisito Assangni and Frank Gerlitzki create London performance happening

Kisito Assangni

Frank Gerlitzki

Frank Gerlitzki's mind has a habit of escaping the boundaries of his Guangzhou, China studio.

“In fact, this project [“Free Night of Experimental Performance” curated by Kisito Assangni in London 31 October], which is a no-budget project…I´m the mastermind sitting in my world,” Gerlitzki told me in an interview.

His world expands exponentially.

"Fragmentos" by Frank Gerlitzki

He´s the universal arts mole making and inspiring art without boundaries, spreading from one bus stop to another, traveling the globe.

London´s extension of Gerlitzki´s mind happens at Studio1.1 at 52a Redchurch St., London ( today, 31 October.

The night of Kisito-curated free experimental performances features:

Jenny Hyde
Poppy Jackson
Ane Lan
Nathalie Mba Bikoro
Nathan Walker
Kai-Oi Jay Yung
Oreet Ashery
Benjamin Faga.

Gerlitzki's double-decker performance vehicle XTC (Xiaozhou Transport Company) extends a “virtual communication net connecting art institutes and art lovers around the world,” Gerlitzki said.

“It is an open, experimental art project and part of the SAT—Special Artist Territory—a global idea allowing artistic creation in public spaces.”

What better place than bus stops, bus stations?

Gerlitzki and Assagni practice psycho-geography.

As I sought refuge in Wikipedia to sort out this new dimension of art and perception, I came across a 1959 rant by Guy Debord, an early proponent:

“When freedom is practice in a closed circle, it fades into a dream, becomes a mere image of itself. The ambiance of play is by nature unstable. At any moment, ‘ordinary life’ may prevail once again.

“The geographical limitation of play is even more striking than its temporal limitation. Every game takes place with the boundaries of its own spatial domain.”

Internationally known curator, art critic, and academic and concept artist—Alessandro Rolandi—reviewing one of Gerlitzki's shows, including his paintings—wrote:

Paintings by Frank Gerlitzki
“Getting rid of any sort of indulgence, Frank transforms abject art, non-art and ‘degree-zero art’ into refined instruments to question not only artistic production but the nature of communication itself.”

About Kisito Assangni:

An artist and curator living in London and Paris.  

His exhibitions include:  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Musee de Arts Derniers, Paris; Arnot Art Museum, New York; the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago; Centre for Contemporary Art, Kiev; Sint-Lukas Gallery, Brussels; Arad Art Museum, Romania; New Art Projects, Beijing.

He founded and curates the Time is Love Screening, an annual international video art exhibition.

About Frank Gerlitzki:

Painter, performance artist, photographer, curator, educated at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris and Atelier of Photography, Goethe-Institut, Lome, TOGO.

He has put up 15 solo shows since 2000 and numerous international group shows in New York, London, Paris,Berlin, elsewhere in Europe and the United States.

In 2003, he established Espace ApArt Gallery in Guangzhou, China.

Rock on and practice peace and love.
Stefan, the ArtTraveler ™

ArtTraveler notes:

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"Spanish Life Stilled" Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2009)

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  1. How are we looking at the paintings of Mark Rothko these days?
    Is he old hat, replaced in America by more contemporary concerns? Looking at his minimal canvases and their enticing floating squares of subdued paint live at the MOMA recently, I had to stop to wonder whether he still communicates to a modern and younger audience., the site that sells good canvas prints to order from their database of digital images, has many Rothko prints. I ordered this one, Blue and grey,
    , that I have now hanging in my study. I can spend a long time looking at this elusive image that takes me to some other place not in this world.