Saturday, December 4, 2010

ArtTraveler probes neolithic Spanish caves for light, shape, texture and inspiration

This is where the neolithic expanded family met, ate and did whatever.

At the end of last academic year's Spanish 101 class in Competa, our profesora organized a matriculation tour of neolithic caves along the Med at Rincon de la Victoria.

The spectre of dank and dark smells, the obtuse and acutely sharp-edged light formations and the historical context of nomadic cave dwellers moving from one settlement to another, surviving in these domains of the dark, created visions of neo-world fantasies and ghosts of peoples long past--now serving as tour guides.

I share a few of the images I shot whilst in the bowls of Spain's neolithic past.

All fotos by S. van Drake

Rock on and practice peace.

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