Thursday, December 30, 2010

ArtTraveler's images portray one of the greatest wonders of the world: The Alhambra in Granada

 The artistic accomplishments of the Moors in Spain are most monumentally and articulately represented by the Alhambra, thanks to the surrender in 1492 of the Moorish Caliph, who while allowing us all to appreciate this masterpiece of world architecture and splendor without ruin or damage, also thoroughly displeased his mother, who accused him of cowardice.

I consider it a strategic retreat and legacy for us all to admire.

Looking over Granada, the Alhambra is among the great treasures of the world and worth seeing if you get anywhere close to Spain. Go there, experience it.

There are two six-hours sessions, morning and afternoon, in which to complete your tour and when done, you shall feel undernourished and hungry for more.

Life is short.

See the Alhambra for yourself. My photos, among many others, fairly represent some of the vistas.

But I trust my full sensory capacities more. As you shall yours.

Happy New Year!

Rock on and practice peace and love, And please check out my videos on YouTube:

Stefan, the ArtTraveler

All photos by S. van Drake.

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