Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ArtTraveler shares visions of a walk in the mountains near Canillas de Albaida

Nature nourishes us with life, inspiration and even in these most dire of times, with hope.

I took these photos this spring as I walked down into the valley below Canillas de Albaida, past the intact Roman bridge over which many Roman  soldiers marched leaving behind a trail of stories and ghosts.

I walked along a robustly flowing river bed, then nourished from a bountiful winter's harvest of mountain rainfall and simply observed: shadows, lines, colours, flowers and let my imagination flow like the waters and gain momentum in its focus.

All photos appearing here are by S. van Drake

Be well. Rock on and practice peace and love. This is found art at its best.

I also share with you words from Vincent van Gogh written to his brother, Theo in 1882:

Sooner or later, feeling and love for nature always find a response in people interested in art. The painter's duty is to immerse himself wholly in nature and to use all his intelligence for putting his feelings into his work, so that it becomes intelligible to others.

Rock on and practice peace and love. Also, please check out my videos on YouTube:

Stefan, the ArtTraveler(TM)

"Found art" is where you find it.

And with a little imagination, even large boulders speak to you.

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