Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ArtTraveler digests recent happenings affecting Spanish artists

Ima Pico, a Spanish large format installation artist living in Manchester, UK, continues her work changing our perceptions of her reality through photographs and digital manipulation; she was graduated from the University of Valencia in 1990.

Spanish artist Jose Manuel Ciria has donated one of his paintings to the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Jamaica.

"Acqui y Ahora" (here and now), a multi-artist photographic exhibition about contemporary life in Spain, opened this month in Istanbul.

Salvador Dali is back in Milan, his works' first appearance in any strength since his solo show in October 1954; the show's made possible with cooperation with Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali of Figueres, Dali's home town.

If you're visiting Washington, D.C., don't forget to check out Serenity, the Jose Clara 1925 marple sculpture of an allegorical woman, located at Meridian Hill Park. The work is owned by the US National Park Service. Clara was born in Olot in 1878 and died in Barcelona in 1958.

Opening 15 October in Zurich, there's a new Picasso retrospective at the Kuntshaus, Zurich's foremost art museum. According to online sources, more than 100,000 visitors came to see Picasso's works during the first seven weeks of the show.

Conceptual Spanish artist Joan Fontcuberta morphs well known landscapes into 3D geogrpahic illustrastions. Her show, called Landscapes without Memory can be see at Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam.

Well, it's a case of dumb and dumber that worked out for the best. The Madrid art thieves who ran off with a steel sculpture by Spanish artist Eduardo Chillda, supposedly sold it for about 35 Euros to some scrap yard, who called the cops.

It's value's estimated at more than 5 million Euros. All but one piece of the heist have been recovered. No arrests, however, appear to have been made.

After laborious one-year restoration, a portrait previously determined as authored by one of Diego Velazquez's assistants has finally been attributed to the master himself, according to the New York Times.

According to WordPress.com, Spanish artist Gary Fernandez has created yet another original image for computers' wallpaper, a whimsical winter scene.

Rock on and practice peace and love.

Stefan, the ArtTraveler (TM)

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  1. Hello Stephen ,

    Like you I live in the hills, well not of Spain, but Northern Tuscany..and work, on my sculptures,in a small village called Pietrasanta that is bustling with sculptors, painters and all sorts of artist ..:)

    Have a great 2011 and hope we can share, here some of the art in our respective idillic countries ..