Monday, December 6, 2010

ArtTraveler recalls drama of the Good Samaritan in Rabat

I love the North African culture, the winding labyrinths of the suks (markets), the brilliant colours, a relentless sun, the movement, the energy of the people, the noise, the smells, the cousine, which I consider the best experienced in 37 countries.

In August 2005, Onne Schepel (then 21) and I (then 61) took the bus from Competa along the coast to Algeciras. A ferry from there to Tangier, a train from Tangier to Rabat. A total of a 6-day adventure by the odd-couple of travelers.

From my Rabat hotel room overlooking the capitol's busiest street, I noted a sequence of events over about 20 minutes, which I share with you here. I took these at some distance with a 2 MP point and shoot camera, thus the resolution is a bit grainy.

A man had fallen, sick, drunk or drugged, or just dying onto the expansive sidewalk. Scores of people stared at him and walked by the unconscious man spilled out on the pavement.

At least 15 minutes passed until someone cared enough to stop and help the man. Here's the basic sequence:

ArtTraveler in 2005 along with mate, Onne Schepel from Amsterdam
This was only a small slice of our life in Rabat. More's to come.

Rock on and practice peace. Also, please check my funky videos:

Stefan, the ArtTraveler (TM)
The same avenue at night.

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  1. It was a great trip Steve!
    We look pretty serious on the photo.

    Ciao Onne