Friday, April 1, 2011

"Between Two Worlds" at London´s Edel Assanti: 9 Latin American photogs probe fantasy & reality

"Piel Island #2" by Edouard Fraipont, C-type print, 90 x 115 cm.
“Between Two Worlds,” Latin American fine art photographers, Edel Assanti, London.

Nine established and emerging Latino photographers opened this show at Edel Assanti 24 March.

It runs through 30 April and confronts reality and fantasy, dichotomous worlds flowing through the often turbulent lives of Latin Americans.

"Alma y Maura," by Adriana Lestido (1998), 40 x 50 cm.

Sue Steward, the Evening Standard’s photography critic, curated the show.

Hugo Barajas at Galeria Pacifico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through 30 March. Hugo Barajas, painter, sculptor and fused glass artist closes his show today in Puerto Vallarta.

Oil on canvas by Hugo Barajas

Gallery owner Gary Thompson told ArtTraveler the display of 25 oil paintings, bronze sculptures and fused glass pieces did well. He and the artist hosted two receptions this month at the gallery.

Barajas is headed to the Florence, Italy Biennale in December representing Mexico.

Ecuadorian Art Exhibition, Galapagos Islands.

The Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya and City Art Gallery in the Galapagos Islands continues its Ecuadorian art show at the Ee Chinese Restaurant, through 4 April. Among featured artists, Ecuadorian painter, Salvador Bacon.

"Naturaleza", oil on canvas, Salvador Bacon 

Roberto Sifuentes retrospective, Gallilsta Gallery, San Antonio, Texas.

Curated by David Zamora Casas, while not expansive, incorporates 40 years of the artist’s works and runs through 6 April.

Roberto Sifuentes a work.

Pablo Serrano, "La Otra Cara: Rebellion in Colombia," (The Other Face) photographic exhibition of violence in Colombia.  

From 11 March to 16 April at the Luxe Gallery at San Diego City College, Ca.

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Plaza de Ronda, Andalusia, Spain - photograph by Stefan van Drake (2006)

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New ArtTraveler video of Scottish painter Gordon Wilson´s "Woman Loves Blue Fish" or, "I Love Fish" or "Fish Love Me" exhibition in Cómpeta, Spain, inspired by a 28-foot mural he did 12 years ago for a West Glasgow gangster. The mural dealt with esoteric subjects: "Food, Sex and Love."


  1. You have an interesting history and I wish that at this moment, you were not a retired "public interest lawyer", as we are rather in need of those in the US. I also see you are a blues musician and I enjoyed a long career in the music industry, before mental disabilities took over. PTSD in particular, makes it hard for me to work around others. President Obama kindly responded to a letter I sent him regarding the cutbacks made for all people with disabilities, but especially for those with mental ones. These often make it hard for a person to find help in the first place.
    Anyway, I paint watercolours now - painting being my first passion at school and my escape. You have some wonderful pieces.

  2. Wonderful read, thanks for sharing your personal history, that takes some courage, if you ask me.

    man and van in London