Friday, April 29, 2011

Latin art digest: California graffiti duo tags taco joint, "We are beautiful!"

Yes, we are!

“Somos Bellos/We are Beautiful,” by graffiti anonymous duo, “You are beautiful,” a mural-tag in Homewood, California.

A few weeks ago, Ty Taylor commissioned the urban artists to paint a mural at his Homewood, Ca. Pinches Taco restaurant to spread “a positive message to the Latino population." 

Tyler told the artists do what you want, but make the message clear and positive.

In other happenings affecting Latin American artists:

Roberto Fernandez Dorticos, solo show at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery of International Art: opening reception on 5 May in New York.

Untitled by Roberto Fernandez Dorticos

Dorticos, born in Havana, Cuba, says he rarely gives titles to his works. “My work falls under the spell of the individual who appreciates it; so who better than to bestow a name upon it?” 

Hard to overcome that logic.

Dorticos has staged one-man shows at Miami´s Art Fusion Gallery and others.
Wishful Thinking.jpg
Carlos Estévez, from "Encrypted Messages," a solo show at his gallery, running through 28 May

Cuban Visions, group contemporary art show: 26 May – 1 June, New York.

Curated by Mailyn Machado and Yandro Miralles, more than 50 works opens at the Metropolitan Pavilion in the city, featuring: 
"Los Ciegos," from El Libro Oscuro by Juan Carlos Alom

Untitled by Cirenaica Moreira

Hola, Havana! Brooklyn Academy of Music festival: 20 April – 20 May, New York City.

“Santos y Pecadores: Cinematic Drama in the Mexican Portfolios of Paul Strand and Leopoldo Méndez:” running through 5 June, Wellesley College Davis Museum, Wellesley, Ma.

Print by Mexican printmaker Leopoldo Méndez
Some consider Strand (1890 – 1976) a pioneer of the American Modernist movement.

His 20 photogravures, his “Mexican Portfolio” circa 1940 is on show.

RISK at work
Méndez´s “Rio Escondido Portfolio,” circa 1948, includes 10 linocuts made for the title sequence of a film by Emilio Fernández.

“Magic Realism,” group Latina American art show, Henan, China:

The City of Zhengzhou hosts this show featuring Fernando Botero and Iturria among others. The Museum of Art of Chengdu and Guan Xing Art Gallery in Zhengzhou co-venue the exhibition.

Argentine artist Luis Benedit, dead at age 73 on 12 April. 
The conceptual artist, architect and sculptor was the first Latin American asked by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 1972 to stage a solo show.

“Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas:” Pasadena Museum of California Art, opening 15 May, featuring works of RISK, Chaz Bojorquez and others.
Take another RISK
“Memories of Overdevelopment,” Miguel Coyula, film maker, Landmark Cinema, at this month´s Chicago Latino Film Festival.

Achy Obejas ( favorably reviews the indie docu-production showing life on the island nation during its socio-economic depression during the 1990´s after the USSR´s support vanished. 

Rock on and practice peace and love.
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