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Dutch Digest: Intellectuals try to build cultural bridges with Islam, Muslims

Islam and Muslims in Dutch art and literature. 31 May – 1 June.
Alhambra, Granada, photograph by Stefan van Drake

The Alhambra, Granda Photograph by Stefan van Drake

Dutch intellectuals explore the deep history of cultural exchange between Islamic culture and Dutch art and literature. 

Details are pending. Organizers KNAW and LUCIS/LIAS want to change the country´s tarnished image when it comes to tolerating Islam and Muslims, in part by searching back through Dutch history, at least to the Middle Ages, tracing the cross-cultural exchanges.

Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht recently purchased The Four Fathers of the Latin Church (1632) by Abraham Bloemaert, which Sotheby´s sold in December 2010.

"Four Fathers of the Latin Church" by A. Bloemaert

Dutch dunes make comeback at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

From 15 March to 20 June, more than 20 17th C. paintings, drawings and prints by the first Dutch landscape artists.
Dutch master´s Dutch dunes, 17th C. genre painting

Hendrick Goltzius in about 1600 painted the first Dutch dune. 

His work is represented.

About 1611, Hendrick Goltzius thought figurative work more challenging than dunes.

Heineken at ARCO –Madrid.
It´s hard to separate the Dutch from their beer (it would make a Bavarian cry). 

At the recent Madrid art fair the beer giant awarded its Heineken CA2M award to Start Series, by Portuguese artist Ricardo Valentim.

It will be added to the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo CA2M collection, owned by the Comunidad de Madrid.

Another Heineken ARCO award closer to home. Heineken´s new bottles will be designed by Belén Segarra and Lourdes Echeverría.

By Belén Segarra

Dutch artists Alfons & Adrie Kennis created a new Oetzi model of a 5,300-year old iceman. (Video)

Anderson Ranch arts center, Snowmass, Colorado, stages two-day seminar, 28 – 29 July on contemporary Dutch design art, featuring Maarten Bass and his work.

“Design from the Netherlands is today considered the most exciting and radical, as it combines fashion, lighting, new media, and sustainable green design," wrote Anderson Ranch executive director, Barbara Bloemink, in promotional materials.

Hans Magden exhibited 19 paintings 25 – 27 March at the New York International Art Expo.
His works also appear at the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in New York between 29 April – 31 May.

Hans Magden, "Waiting Room, " 24 in. x 36 in.

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Islamic art and design at Granada´s Alhambra, photograph by Stefan van Drake

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