Monday, April 4, 2011

Curator Alessandro Rolandi probes "Memory Identity" with Beijing show

"USA - USB 2010" by Chinese female artist, Ren Bo
"Memory Identity" is a 27 - artist show that opened 3 March and continues through 16 April at the MK2 Art Space in Beijing, curated by Italian artist and lecturer, Alessandro Rolandi.

He exclusively provides ArtTraveler his condensed exhibit guide and images:

"Never before has the world been as visually determined as today.

"As a consequence, art has never had, in theory, a bigger opportunity to play an important role in society. In practice, it has lost its chance, falling into self-denial, absorbed and exhausted by speculative market forces.

"This may result from an obsessive quest for the “new,” which has put strong pressure on the creativity of the younger generations’ and suffocated their anarchic spirit to the service of strategic thinking.

I"f artists’ social and dialectical skills have improved drastically, often the artworks lack visionary and subversive force.

"A side-effect of our current condition arises: A deliberate attitude towards forgetting, not only the distant past, but the more recent.
"Why did you leave me like this?" by Lanyan, female Chinese artist (2010)

"Thus, we sacrifice the living process of collecting, interpreting what we remember all for the apparent convenience of a storage service.

"The artists’ works are neither celebrating the system nor passively asserting defeat and loss. Instead they switch language, establishing a new balance and departure point.

"Thus, art functions.
"The world is organized into a controlled society not by constriction, not by an act of power, but by the people slowly forgetting, becoming alienated and passive.
"Fragments," by Olivier Modr (two projects, tracing paper suspended on steel wires.

"People accept the entertainment life-style provided by mass culture, and scientific progress is trusted as a provider of surrogates for experience.

"Once the link between knowledge and memory has been cut off, critical capacity disappears, and history can be written by the ruling power."

"The Tree of the Soul," Guo Gong (2011)

Alessandro Rolandi, age 40, is artist in residence at Harrow International School, Beijing since 2003, teaching art and experimental theatre. He has taught or lectured in eight schools, including Institut d´Edudes de Paris. He is also a film maker, actor, theatre director and author. Rolandi, born in Pavia, Italy, has staged 12 solo exhibitions and participated in 23 group shows.

Alessandro Rolandi

His mission:

"I observe, borrow, change and document reality to create possibilities that challenge our current socio-political structures and point out the effects they have on our daily life and on our scheme of thought."

Rock on and practice peace and love.
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