Sunday, April 24, 2011

Groninger Museum: Has China confiscated Ai Weiwei´s works?

One of Ai Weiwei´s installations similar to this also under wraps by Chinese.

Almost immediately after Ai Weiwei´s arrest on 3 April, Chinese authorities froze transportation of one of his works to the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) reported this week.

Weiwei, snatched from the Beijing airport by police and mysteriously under wraps somewhere within the bowls of the state´s security apparatus, apparently sold one of his installations to the Dutch museum.

It was packed, ready to go, documents readied.

Sue-An van der Zjipp, curator of the Groninenger Museum told RNW she contacted the ship´s captain. 

“But according to the local skipper, the painting´s transportation has been delayed. No reason was given for the delay.”

Beijing security forces searched Ai Weiwei´s studio following his detention, according to various unconfirmed reports.
Ai Weiwei

Van der Zijpp said the Weiwei work is an installation with wooden chairs, similar to “Grapes,” van der Zjipp said.

“We consider Ai Weiwei as one of the best artists we´ve worked with,” she added. 

“It´s really horrible what happened to him. Nobody knows where is or what is happening to him. We are very worried and hope that he is quickly released.”

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  1. Grapes is now in Groninger Museum: