Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cataluña artist´s tribute to Egyptian revolution--"Wireless"--opens in Cairo

Xavier Puigmarti

"Wireless" - Xavier Puigmarti

Cataluña concept artist Xavier Puigmarti at age 59 keeps reinventing himself.

The multi-media artist from Canet de Mar, near Barcelona, on 10 April opened his visual tribute to the critical role wireless telcom played in fomenting and executing the January Egyptian revolution.

The show, "Wireless," runs through 5 May.

Staged at a familiar venue for the artist—the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art in Cairo—the exhibit reaffirms Egypt as Puigmarti´s second home.

Since 1982, he has showcased his works in 35 solo exhibitions, including this one, in Spain, Paris, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland (Art Basel), the United States, Germany and Egypt.

"Wireless" exhibit by Xavier Puigmarti

Cairo hosted all but one of his last eight since 1997. He has participated in 55 international exhibitions between 1982 and 2010.

Puigmarti often paints oils measuring about 20 x 28 cm or 24 x 51 cm.

His paintings join the permanent collection at Barcelona´s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The artist´s love for Egypt is visceral.

Puigmarti produced and directed five short movies shot in Egypt in 2009—“The Thousand and One Nights." Televisió de Cataluña (TV3) commissioned them.

He unveiled the shorts in Cairo at the Cervantes Institute and the National Center for Children´s Culture.

About his show—“Wireless”—Puigmarti in a news release by the Mashrabia gallery, said he feels vindicated as a painter by visualizing new technologies through a “traditional channel such as painting.”

Puigmarti´s fuses his disciplines in his short films on his “untitled” website.

"Wireless" by Xavier Puigmarti at Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cairo

These videos really describe the artist´s far reaching visions, a tonic for all the senses, a must-see.

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