Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 June Beijing: Go west young man (and woman) but please walk slowly

Alessandro Rolandi, left, and Megumi Shimizu (photo by Do Jae Hong)

Slowing the pace of time, conceptualizing global tourism´s impact, Beijing “performative installation” artists Alessandro Rolandi and Megumi Shimizu on Sunday, 19 June, open “Something on the Way.”

The deliberate effort at motion and inertia, all at once, starts at the Journey West Travel Office in Beijing ending at the Za Jia Lab performance space and bar in nearby Doufuchi Hutong. 
If you live there, you will know the place.
The work, created by U.S. artists Dan S. Wang and Stephanie Rothenberg, runs every Saturday and Sunday for three hours.
Rolandi, an artist-lecturer and curator living and working in Beijing since 2003, told ArtTraveler:
“As a response to the fast-paced speed of contemporary society and the
overstimulation of mass media, we perform, ´Something on the Way.´
"Using Japanese Butoh dance and other forms of experimental theatre, the artists reclaim space and time to create a personal and metaphorical interpretation of the “Journey”.
"Reflecting on the act of walking and its ritualistic use in pilgrimage, both as a healing practice in Asia and religious rite of passage in Europe, the performers attempt to recover their sense of “presence”.
"Over a period of one to two hours, the artists will reclaim the public space of the Zhonglouwan Hutong and transform a few hundred meters into an organic uninterrupted walking rhythm.
"The performance will begin at “The Journey West” tour office and conclude
Za Jia Lab performance space and bar nearby in the Doufuchi
Alessandro Rolandi
Megumi Shimizu's poetic video, photographs and performances have been featured in festivals and galleries throughout Asia and Europe.
Alessandro Rolandi is artist in residence at Harrow International School, Beijing since 2003, teaching art and experimental theatre. He has taught or lectured in eight schools, including Institut d´Edudes de Paris

He is also a film maker, actor, theatre director and author. Rolandi, born in Pavia, Italy, has staged 12 solo exhibitions and participated in 24 group shows. 

He is an occasional ArtTraveler contributing writer.

His mission:

"I observe, borrow, change and document reality to create possibilities that challenge our current socio-political structures and point out the effects they have on our daily life and on our scheme of thought."

Rolandi´s conceptual artworks and performances have been exhibited throughout
China and Europe, including this year's Venice Biennale.

Rock on and practice peace and love.
Stefan, the ArtTraveler™

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