Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York renegade writer & artist Matthew Zomick rants in Budapest

Matthew Z. Zomick & his dog Taco in Budapest Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)

28 June 2011 Budapest, Hungary

"People seem so content lost in superficial pleasures."--Matthew Z. Zomick

In Budapest for more than three years, Matthew Z. Zomick makes W.A.R. (We Are Renegades).

Matthew Z. Zomick as 'The Thinker" photo by S. van Drake (2011)

On 24 June, Zomick brought internationally known underground rap and hip-hop artist, Pharoahe Monch, from Queens, New York, to Budapest via Paris.

Monch also preaches W.A.R.
Zomick, a free-lance writer, poet, performance and visual artist at age 32 often probes the meaning of life, especially his.

He shares with us some of his thoughts:

"I am consumed by the internal battle of preconception and perception. What is real, what is surreal, and in the end, does any of it really matter?

"Thoughts continue to occupy my mind while I remain void of feelings. Even though this is what I write, I know this to be untrue.

"The constant battle of false acceptance, false security and distractions affect actual perception.

"Preconception vs. Perception" Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"Being aware is the first step, but it's not enough.

"Structure and discipline are necessary and change is inevitable."

Matthew Zomick with Knut (foreground) & Taco Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)
Zomick also started "Matthew's Dog Service" on Facebook, saving and rescuing and re-homing dogs. He's got 8 Russian Greyhound puppies ready for adoption in two months. He saved the mother and pups from certain death. She gave birth recently. He needs your help; his e-mail: mzomick@gmail.com.

Rock on and practice peace and love.

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"Symbols of Perception" Photograph by Stefan van Drake (2011)

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