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Enrique Brinkmann´s first UK show opens Rosenfeld Porcini in London

A painting, oil on canvas, by Enrique Brinkmann

The multi-chaptered Spanish painter and engraver Enrique Brinkmann opened  his 50-year retrospective--"The Poetics of Silence"--on 25 May at the inauguration of the newest gallery in London´s Fitzrovia district.

Brinkmann (b. 1938 in Malaga) got the nod to stage his first UK show, a solo retrospective of 40 works, to fete the Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, owned by Ian Rosenfeld and Dario Porcini.

A painting, oil on canvas, by Enrique Brinkmann

“What I painted previously was based on  placing of points and lines around the space of the canvas; now I am able to achieve it in real space, in the air,” Brinkmann said in a news release. 

Applying a metal mesh over canvas, creating his own interpretations of what he calls “transparency,” appears the artist´s most recent evolution.

He initiated this dimension and technique in about 1998.

"Dos Manchas Azules," Enrique Brinkmann (2008)

He´s largely self-taught as a painter but studied engraving in Cologne, Berlin and Rome (1961 - 1966), returning to Malaga in 1967 to refine his skills in printmaking, drawing and painting.

According to online critic, Enrique Castaños Alés, Brinkmann, born Enrique Brinkmann Parareda, first exhibited in 1957 in Malaga after joining the Grupo Picasso and later, the Moviemento Artistico del Mediterráneo.

In about1992, Brinkmann heads to Madrid, gaining recognition in 1994 for his engravings.

Influenced by central European expressionism, according to Alés, Brinkmann slid into surrealism, but always changing.

Brinkmann turns more and more to the abstract, abandoning much of his prior figurative work, but maintaining what some called dark themes.

“From 2003, a need for silence and purity of line becomes predominant,” Rosenfeld Porcini´s press release said.

"Redes B1," by Enrique Brinkmann, mixed media (2008)

Gallery owners Rosenfeld and Porcini, directors of Italy´s Galleria Napoli Nobilissima, described stark changes from the artist´s early works of the 1960´s under the shadow of Franco´s fascist regime (monochromatic) and those between 1990 and 2003, when Brinkmann surges into the surreal, the abstract and very much into the world of color.

According to Wikipedia, Brinkmann teaches at the Mint in Madrid and has exhibited in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.  

In Spain, he exhibited in Malaga, Barcelona, Gijón, Córdoba, La Rioja and  Marbella.

Engraving, a book illustration, by Enrique Brinkmann

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