Monday, June 27, 2011

New York poet and performance artist Matthew Zomick rocks in Budapest

Matthew Z. Zomick & Taco in Budapest, photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

In his three-plus years living in Budapest, New York's Matthew Zomick makes verbal and visual waves and rocks on to his own not-so-silent rhythms.

I met him, like so many artists here, by accident on purpose.

It was Sunday's rastro or market in the old Jewish quarter in the 7th District in this highly energized central European city.

The ever-animated Zomick, who calls himself MZ Squared ("Z" is his middle initial), haggled with a Jewish gypsy vendor of vintage cameras.

"Empty Stage" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"There's no way a Jew can Jew me down," said Zomick, himself Jewish.

A graduate film maker, Zomick at age 32 was leashed to two dogs, Knut (who's soon to be re-homed in Oslo) and Taco, his sweetheart of a fairly neurotic whippet, both keenly affectionate animals.

Zomick is a one-man NGO.

He established Matthew's Dog Service on Facebook, rescuing and re-homing discarded dogs with the help of a growing network of pet friendly patrons.

That was how we met.

At his flat, it became clear MZZ is multi-dimensional, a renegade, a deeply committed populist and humanist, who has survived on wit, will and invention.

His mind works nearly as fast as Google on speed.

Although he dabbles with painting, using materials picked up from the street or thrown out by pizza joints and with paints made from just about anything available, his mouth, his mind and his creative spirit remain palpable.

Matthew Zomick filling void as 'The Thinker', photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

He's a poet and performance artist.

MZZ exclusively shares his previously unpublished poem, "Annointment" with us.

The first is "Annointment." His introduction to this poem, itself more than prose:

"Walking towards the yellow-white touches the faces of the innocent, the eagle flies freely into the celestial skies, guidance from above, while back on earth the people continue to push and shove. 

"Like a gregarious flock with no Sheppard, they roam aimlessly throughout the land and hide behind their pragmatic disguise(s). 

"Life's lessons learned tomorrow will awaken the pure emotions of yesterday and will be born again a thousand times today..."

Matthew Z. Zomick, Budapest 2011

by Matthew Z. Zomick

Confused once again, lost within the night
Attempts to disappear continue to fail
Fragile emotions dangle blind, deaf, eternal
Silence remains ackward
Hope wallows submerged in the mist
Toils of the soul bark like a rabid animal
Passion has become absent as angst remains omnipresent
No rest is near and as much as I desire peace, none shall be found
(As time continues to linger I hesitate...
I know what once was and pretend to know what will come
Lost in presence I can make no sense)

Wanton hate and divided soul
burning passion lost and extinguished
Along the way, the plans changed
Improvised fate is all that remains
Numb is the pain I dwell in

Rock on and practice peace and love.

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