Sunday, June 19, 2011

ArtTraveler photo gallery: Hungary's scars from Soviet past plague present

"Total Immersion" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"Magyar Martyr" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)
"Authority Figure" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"Dead Heroes" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"Defenders of the Order" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"Statement" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)

"La Crisis" photo by Stefan van Drake (2011)
"There is a sense of promise (great vistas of possibilities) in the air, a promise which might never be fulfilled, and because it is not fulfilled and, most likely, will never be, it is neither complacent nor arrogant, but it is tense and intense."

Edina Deme, cultural historian, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest educator and poet, 7th District, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011.

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Stefan, the ArtTraveler™

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"Andalusia Spring," photograph by Stefan van Drake (2007)

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  1. Stefan,

    Thanks for the photos. We spent two months in Budapest in 2005 after spending 2 years in Romania. If you want to see scars, cross the Eastern border into Romania. Hungary was like a breath of fresh air comparing the two countries.

    I found the Hungarian people to be positive, friendly, and wildly patriotic. We enjoyed being them very much and made some close friends while there.

    We will be visiting again in the Fall of this year.